NYC: Dita Von Teese style

| Life

Real talk: we all wish we could swap lives with Dita Von Teese and live that everyday glamour. Second best though, would be visiting her favorite NYC spots (we’re hoping her fabulousness will rub off). We know, sometimes it seems like she’s not of this world and actually lives in an alternate dimension of vintage decadence, but Dita promenades through New York just like the rest of us and we got the chance to ask where. Check out her recommendations for the best spots in NYC.


(1) Sleep No More // (2) The Bowery Hotel // (3) The Waverly Inn // (4) The Smile Restaurant
(5) The Russian Tea Room // (6) Minetta Tavern // (7) Ricky’s
(8) The Carlyle Bar (Bemelman’s Bar) // (9) Gramercy Hotel