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But really, you are like, really pretty. A positive affirmation is absolutely the best way to leave home and face the world and we’re in need of this door mat we found while trolling Instagram. While we’re on the topic of facing the real world, why are four day work weeks harder than five day ones? Coming into this week, we knew it would be a biggie, but also knew that it would be well worth it. Soo what are we talking about? While the rest of the fashion world comes together around runways and green juices for NYFW, we invited our friends to gather around the burlesque stage at The Box for a SS15 Peek Show. Check out photos here and see what people are saying about the night. Here’s a look at what else caught our eyes:

In the vein of our SS15 preview, we’re also really loving seeing what other brands and designers were inspired by for the season.

Because we’re easily entertained, we can’t stop playing around with this food mashup inforgraphic. We thought the Cronut was genius until we found out about the Cherpumple.

We’ve lost some spectacular women recently (RIP Joan Rivers + Lauren Bacall), so we’re trying to up our girl power game and this Tumblr is our first inspiration stop.

This seems like a work out plan we can stick to. P.S. it involves wine.

And speaking of wine, top 100 songs as Shakespearean sonnets sounds like a good drinking game in the making.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
xx, Journelle


Photo found on TeenVogue’s Instagram