Lingerie Zodiac: Libra

| Lingerie

September 23- October 22

Libras, to get you, we really only need to consider your symbol. Think about the scale and how there are two entities constantly moving in and out of balance. What does this mean for your life? Think about your social tendencies. You’re pretty dang smart and are totally capable of being and working independently. Truth is though, you really thrive in group atmospheres. You’re great at meeting and getting along with new people because of your exuberance and love of adventure. No plus 1 for your pal’s wedding? No problem for you. So what’s the other side of the scale for this one? You might be bending over a bit too much for your social agenda without even noticing it. Ever been told you’re a great peacekeeper? Ever feel like you’re not entirely understood by a friend, but then you brush it off to go with the flow? Your insecurities (hey, we all have them) can easily get covered up with your easy breezy demeanor. This is your month to focus a bit more on you and what you want. We know you’re not lazy, and in fact, you’re really good at making do with what comes your way, but maybe it’s time to find the balance of the scales.

In fact, October is going to be a big month for you to find your equilibrium. Spent a bit too much (okay I think we’re all guilty of this one) last month? October is your month to reign it in and gain control. Have relationships been a bit rocky? Things are going to calm down and resolve themselves. If life has been going easily for you lately, then maybe it’s time to shake things up and try something new. Have you been thinking about doing some redecorating in that home of yours? We’re thinking this is the perfect time to do it.

So we’ve talked a lot about your symbol being the scale, but what else is going on in your world? When talking about the earthly elements, air is said to represent the higher mind, and you guessed it- air is your element. Remember how we said that you were crazy smart and filled with plenty of knowledge? Use that brain of yours for something good. Lucky you though, because you’re not only brains, but also beauty. Venus, the smooth seductress, is your ruler and that’s why you’re such a lover of the beautiful, refined things in life. So yep, we’re recommending some of our most beautiful pieces for you.

ID Sarrieri In Secret Triangle Bra and V-String //  Simone Perele Velvet Bodysuit // Samantha Chang French Leavers Lace Victoria Bralette + Eloise Brief