Behind Closed Drawers: GIRL GIFT GATHER

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As a company built by a woman (hi Claire!) that largely serves to help women look and feel their absolute best, you could say that Journelle has a bit of a thing for girl power. When one of our friends emailed us a link to Girl Gift Gather, we immediately knew we wanted to be friends with the ladies behind it. Chelsey + Christina find the cool girls in the area (think the likes of Molly Guy of Stone Fox Brides, Laena McCarthy of Anarchy in a Jar and Ivy Mix of Clover Club), speak to them about what they do & how they do it, and then film it for our viewing (and inspirational) pleasure. Their site (and Instagram for that matter) are filled with motivational muses and slices of wisdom. We love it. We asked them a few Q’s and then asked them to raid our drawers for their fave pieces.

Names: Chelsey Duckworth & Christina Justiz Roush

Born and raised:
CD: Born in Los Angeles California, raised in a small beachside town in North Wales, United Kingdom.
CJR: Old Westbury, New York

Day job?
CD: Co-Founder of Girl Gift Gather and freelance writer/copywriter.
CJR: Co-Founder of Girl Gift Gather and owner of Brooklyn Baby Bumps

How did Girl Gift Gather come to be?
It all started with a weekly tradition of meeting up and chatting together over a pot of tea. We found ourselves constantly inspired by these young women who were out in the world starting their own businesses, pursuing their dreams and creating beauty. We recognized that women looking to forge genuine, fulfilled lives needed a path to the creators and pioneers of their generation and we decided we’d help build that path. As women, we feel that we have this incredibly strong and supportive community and we wanted to share that.

Beverage of choice?
CD & CJ: Tea!
CD: English Breakfast with a splash of milk, every morning.
CJR: I go for a nice cup of Sencha.

Best piece of advice ever given? Received?
CD: The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is definitely the best I’ve ever given. “You are responsible for your own happiness.”
CJR: This quote by Steven Pressfield: “Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it. Resistance is always lying and always full of shit.” Also, to remember that the most important thing you can do is be an instrument of love in this world.

Guilty pleasure:
CD: Percy Pigs. They’re these delicious (and terrible for you) gummy candies from Marks & Spencer in the U.K. My mum brings me bags over whenever she visits.
CJR: Binge watching Parenthood on Netflix…
Any hobbies?
CD: Eating at ALL the restaurants in NYC! Right now, I’m loving Russ and Daughter’s Cafe and Hay Rosie Ice Craft Ice Cream Co.
CJR: Decorating and redecorating (and redecorating) our apartment.

Have a go-to pick me up?
CD: Depending on the time of day: a cup of sweet English Breakfast tea, a glass of Malbec,or a hot Epsom Salt bath with essential oils.
CJR: A visit to Bellocq Tea Atelier in Greenpoint Brooklyn. It is my favorite place in New York. I love the owners Heidi & Michael and they have the most delicious, high quality, curated tea selection that I have ever come across.