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Maybe it’s because it’s almost a holiday weekend. Or maybe it’s because NYFW is coming up quicker than you can say “New York Fashi0n Week.” Either way, we’re feeling sorta sassy this week, and that means that the links below, are just a bit cheeky. You might have missed them, but they certainly caught our eyes.

Day. Drinking. Here’s how to do it right.

The Rules of Engagement Restaurant Dining. Learn ’em.

Here’s a visualization of what your daily fruits + veggies should look like. So, french fries don’t count?

A site that tells you what to drink, based on what you’re listening to. Helllooooo weekend. 

 Okay, the Nostalgia Machine isn’t super cheeky (food/alcohol related), but it’s fun. You’ll like it, we promise. 


Have a lovely weekend!
xx, Journelle


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