Lingerie Zodiac: Virgo

| Lingerie

August 23- September 22

Virgos, we’re sure you’re no stranger to the stereotypes of your sign. Virgos are meant to be pure and virginal, right? (We’re all for a bit of purity, but let’s not get carried away.) Virgos tend to be regimental in one area of their life, whether it’s their gluten-free diet, their insistence on only wearing black or their strict no cell phones on the weekend policy.  Some may call it OCD, but we know that your hungry mind just needs a little something to obsess over.

You’re one of those people that will never tire of learning and as soon as you’ve mastered one hobby or skill, you’re on to the next. It can seem like a lot, but you need a way to release your creative energy and general wisdom, so as long as you put it on your calendar, you should do just fine. In fact, you’ll thrive.

Just like the season that your birthday lies in, you’re into those natural hues. Eco-friendly are two of your favorite words, but really, you’re into most humanitarian efforts. We wouldn’t be surprised to see you in a role at a not-for-profit. Does this sound like you? Are you a bit maternal also? Bet you’re excited fall is ’round the corner and with it all of those family-oriented holidays. This season, gather with family at home (Virgos crave a peaceful home base) and dust off your Trivia Pursuit box. Yeah, we know, vintage, but Virgos, you know you need a way to show off a bit.

This fall, we’re thinking that you’re gonna keep doing you. Go for those cottons, those amazingly soft fabrics, the neutral colors and the slight (but not overwhelming) shine and sheer.

Stella McCartney Alina Playing Contour Long Line Bra + Bikini Brief // Fortnight Mira Bodysuit // Eberjey  Purr Bralet + Thong