Lingerie Zodiac: Leo

| Lingerie

July 23- August 22

A very wise woman once said: “Be fierce!” Leos, Tyra may not have only been talking to you, but she for sure knew it would resonate well with you. Think of your symbol (the lion) and your element (fire) and you’ll know what we’re talking about. When you walk into a room, people notice. When you speak, people listen. To be fair, you’re a tad dramatic at times, but don’t let anyone try and put out your charged and charming personality.

This month, your charm is working especially well for you. After being given some good news, you’ll be more than energized to accept all invitations, challenges and even reach that big goal of yours. Even better news: people are willing to help you out on this one. The key is to turn to those who you know will be truthful. Sure, flattery is nice, but what you really treasure is honesty.

When it comes to your underpinnings, stay true to your fiery self. Gold, orange and red (like you’re lucky gem- the ruby) all flatter you and will ensure you stand out in the summer sea of white dresses. Go for it ladies.
Gossard Lola Bra + Short / Elle Macpherson Wind Chime Chemise / Huit Petite Coquette Bra + Thong