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Img. fromĀ Lonny Mag.

So here we are: a summer Friday that’s not feeling very summery. It’s not so bright + sunny here in the city, but we’re using our imagination to transport ourselves into the above photo. Just us and our two bff’s, hanging out, catchin’ some rays, having a cool cocktail and taking it easy… le sigh. Doesn’t sound so bad to us. The more gorgeous swimsuits and vacay-ready summery chemises and robes we come across, the more our summertime wanderlust kicks in and we can’t wait til the weekend. A Journelle occupational hazard, indeed. Since it’s been a pretty gross week here, we’ve been spending a lot of time trolling the internetĀ (we know we’re not the only ones who are less productive when the weather is bad) for ways to celebrate the weekend. And with that, our weekly roundup.

We think we’re gonna kick off our weekend by making this. And probably making a cocktail.

So our browsing history says a lot more about us than we ever thought (in addition to the fact that we all shop at Journelle.com a lot #addicted).

We’re getting air pumped into our bike tires and adding this bell to make our wheels even sweeter.

Who to root for in the World Cup, broken down by hotness. Holy vuvuzela!

Burt’s Bees lip balm was up there with Kiehl’s and Rosebud Salve as our go-to-lip treatment before we knew that Burt is a real guy who keeps real bees. We can’t wait to watch this documentary on him.

Hey, fashion world, can’t we all just be friends?

Speaking of your gal pals, have you entered to win a set of our refreshed Linden Lingerie Wash for you both? Time’s a ticking!


Have a lovely weekend,
xx Journelle