Lingerie Zodiac: Cancer

| Lingerie

June 22- July 22

Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac. But we don’t mean that in a stuffy, “I’d rather stay home with my Seamless + Netflix, than go out with my friends” kind of way. What we mean, is that Cancers take great pleasure in home, comfort and family. Group activities? You’re in. Cooking a big dinner with friends or family and opening numerous bottles of wine? It’s a date. In fact, let’s make it a habit- you are big on tradition after all. Your compassionate and nurturing nature means that friends are many. You’re such a good listener and tend to make people feel loved and taken care of, so why wouldn’t you keep friends close?

Your loyalty comes with a bit of a catch. Have you thought much about your sign’s mascot? Crabs have a hard shell to protect their soft, delicate body, which in itself can be good and bad. Sure, you wear your heart on your sleeve, but you’re one quick, swift move away from tucking back inside and hiding from potential dangers. Once you’re in there, those who are close, will try to force you out of it. Not gonna work. You’ll come out, just on your own time. You’re pretty strong willed (when you want to be), so you just do you.

Cancers are ruled by the moon, which was the Great Mother of the heavens, back in the ol’ days. What’s that mean to you? For starters, there’s where your maternal instincts come from. The moon is the ruler of moods (think of how cray everyone gets when there’s a full moon…) and well, you have a lot of those. What else does that mean? The cycles of the moon create the oceanic tides, which is where crabs live. See where we’re going with this? Moods that come and go like waves.

Since you’re ruled by the moon, we see you looking absolutely magnificent in silvers, grays and whites. Something smooth and silky, like the moon’s reflection on a calm, body of water. Sounds mysterious, no?

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