Inspired by: Jazz Age

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Ever since Leo brought back Gatsby, the Roaring Twenties have been on fire, old sport. New York City is celebrating and paying tribute to the Jazz Age (how can a decade be so lucky as to have more than one fanciful name?!) in the only way we know how… with a party, bien sur! If you’ve had a chance to peep our summer series, you’ve heard about the Jazz Age Lawn Party that took place this past weekend on Governor’s Island. Many New Yorkers (and a few artfully coiffed, vintage-clad Journelles) spent the days strolling under parasols, sipping prohibition-era cocktails, and swinging away in front of a big jazz band; ladies decked out in pearls + fringe and the gents gussied up in tweed + bow ties. We’d like to think Daisy¬†was the inspiration, so here’s to the flappers, the fashion, the coupes of champs, and the music that created such a sensation. Here’s to the ’20s, and here’s to the Jazz Age.

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