Designer Q&A: Morgan Lane

| Lingerie

There once was a girl named Morgan. Born + raised in New York City, she grew up in the world of fashion. As daughter of the famed Jill Stuart, Morgan’s innate creativity was undeniable and she was able to gain experience in the fashion world when she designed for her mom’s brand. After some time, Morgan decided to “go her own way” and combined her passion for illustration and love of lingerie to start her own brand – Morgan Lane. When we think Morgan Lane, we think of Lanie, the sweet, but oh-so-sassy character that Morgan created for the line. She’s mischievous, playful, seductive + enchanting – just like the lingerie. When we were given a chance to chat with Morgan about her, her line and the cheeky lil’ Lanie, we totally went for it. An inside scoop into one of our fave new lingerie lines? Yes, please.

Name: Morgan Curtis
Provenance: Manhattan
Do you have nicknames? Morgy, Tushie
When did you launch your brand? November, 2013

What/who is the biggest influence on your brand?
My mother, Jill Stuart. She started designing when she was only 15, which was a large influence on me when it came to starting my own line at a young age.  I admire her work ethic, business smarts, style, and pose. She’s also my biggest cheerleader.
Describe your brand ethos and the Morgan Lane girl.
The Morgan Lane girl is a cool girl. She wants everything she wears to be beautiful, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. The character I created for the line – Lanie – is the perfect example of this. She’s naughty, but in a playful, dreamy way.
What corners of the world do you turn to when seeking inspiration?
I’m a New York City girl and the city is a huge inspiration for me. I also travel regularly to London and Paris and both of these cities have had lasting impressions. New York is full of possibilities, London is cool, and Paris is romantic. My line is a combination of all of these things.
Do you play favorites within the collection?
Yes- the Lanie panties and sleeping masks! I draw all of the illustrations myself, so they are very personal to me.

If you weren’t designing, what would you be doing?
I would be a painter. I created a series of large scale doll paintings just before I began my line. This series inspired the creation of Lanie – the Morgan Lane muse.
What’s the hardest/ most rewarding part of the designing process?
The hardest part of design is editing – I always have too many ideas. The most rewarding part is knowing I made a girl feel sexy in beautiful lingerie. Boyfriends thank me all the time.
What’s your favorite way to start the day? End it?
With my boyfriend in the perfect snug position.
Have a mantra?
There’s always room for dessert.

What are 3 things you always carry with you?
Pink Pantone 217 marker, Rodin lip balm, and Hubba Bubba bubble tape.
Have a song you can’t get out of your head?
ASTR “Razor”
Signature scent?
By Kilian “Playing with the Devil.” I love the gold snake that wraps around the travel set. I always keep one in my purse.