Staff Spotlight: Aubrey

| Everything Else

There are some girls that just naturally have it. Sure, Aubrey likes a scroll or two through Pinterest (don’t we all), but she’s not searching for recipes or things to add to her wish list. No, her boards are filled with the most gorgeous images, and her Instagram? Don’t get us started. Aubrey’s one of those girls who has her style, sticks to it, and is known for it. It isn’t weird to hear one of the other Journelles saying “that’s SO Aubrey.” The girl re-wired her own vintage lamp, collects crystals, rocks the free-flowing dress look and is always up for a Bloody Mary. She’s the merchandising mastermind behind the categories we have on our site (remember this killer NYFW inspired one? Or the one with bras at all different price points?), as well as our lovely atelier. Yep, she’s a keeper.