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Ohhhh summer + blue skies. You’re our favorite. Doesn’t it seem like it’s the perfect time to crack open a fresh coconut, stick a straw (and a mini umbrella, obviously) in there and taking a sip? Rhetorical question. Memorial Day is this Monday, but it’s been feeling downright summery all week. Since this is un-officially the kick-off of our favorite season, we’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors, talk incessantly about how nice it is out (if the rain decides to go away), drink chilled beverages and stumble home later than we expected, because (wait, what?) it was still light out at 9pm. Ohhh summer. Since we’ll need some down time (and we think it’s snowing in some part of the country?! Sorry, Juneau!), we’re going to spend some time lounging (in this) going through all of the things that caught our eye this week. Except the Kimye wedding, because that’s still going on.

Forget about The Wooly, we think the lobby of the Woolworth building is where it’s at. Often closed to the public, this sneak peek combines our love of gorgeous old architecture with our love of snooping.

Star Wars meets luxury fashion? Why. Not.

Food + travel + Instagram = Living the life.

Get a quick lesson on the best Cannes Festival fashion from years past.

A pretty interesting look at how fashion awards are the new ideal entre into the fashion world. Sorry Bergdorf’s.

Way better than a family trip in a packed RV, the new “Cave Suite” at The Grand Canyon is UNDERGROUND. Woah. Would you go?

Need some weekend/ pre-summer jams? An ex- dELiA*s employee has made you a playlist. Scrunchie flashbacks.

Have a great weekend everyone!
xx, Journelle