Lingerie Zodiac: Gemini

| Everything Else

May 21- June 20

Alrighty Geminis, this week you’re FINALLY being shook from the retrograde madness. Admit it. You haven’t exactly been in your prime recently and your twin personalities have been battling it out… and you’ve been leaning a bit more toward your indecisive dreamer self (as opposed to the go-getting, quick thinking, social ninja version of you that rules Saturday nights). Now is the time to shake it off and re-energize. Revisit the passions you’ve let fizz, resolve those conflicts, and maybe start that project you’ve been putting off. It could be something as simple as re-organizing your lingerie drawer. Ahem.

You’re pretty much the perfect yin + yang of the zodiacs (you go together like peanut butter + jelly, champagne + Sunday, bra + panty), so you’re generally able to take a step back and see both sides of an issue. Just try and keep that in mind: listening doesn’t just mean waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can start. We know you’re a bit talkative, but remember to be a listener too. We’re not saying you’re a gossip, but maybe tone down your chatterbox ways?

Gemini is an air sign, which tends to be the sign of a thinking person, but with everything on your plate you probably don’t want to get caught up with too much intellectual fodder right now. Summer is starting, so stay light on your feet and be a bit spontaneous. Channel your ruler, Mercury, and let yourself be light, spirited and exuberant. It’ll make for a more even-keeled thought process when the next challenge comes forward. And it feels good. Go for those lighter fabrics and when available, go reversible; that way every mood + every fancy of yours will be satisfied.

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