Designer Q&A: The Laundress

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We’re sorta perfectionists, so when we decided to give our Linden Lingerie Wash a bit of a refresh, we headed straight for The Laundress. Their washes are filled with all things good (and absolutely nothing bad) and are known for their concentrated, super effective products that make even the most un-domestic-goddess-like into geniuses when it comes to fabric and home care. For years we’ve placed our lovely delicates in co-founders Lindsey + Gwen’s expert hands, so you can imagine how excited we are to partner on our very own lingerie wash in our signature linden fragrance. Get to know the girls behind The Laundress – your delicates will thank you.


Lindsey Julia Boyd + Gwen Whiting
Lindsey is from upstate New York; Gwen was born in New Jersey but has been living in NYC for 15 years.
Do you have nicknames?
People always refer to us as “The Girls.”
When did you launch your brand?
2004- We are celebrating 10 years of laundry this June!
Who were you thinking about when you launched The Laundress?
Ourselves. We wanted a product to hand wash with and not always have to dry clean.
TheLaundress_Blog_700x400_3Where do you see the brand in five years?
In every laundry room worldwide.
If you could give just one piece of advice (we know, hard) when it comes to cleaning, what would it be?
Lindsey: Stay away from the dryer whenever possible and line dry to preserve your items.
Gwen: When in doubt hand wash – and always pre-treat.
Harder stain to get out: red lipstick or red wine?
Red lipstick
Favorite flower?
Lindsey: Pink Garden Peony-I had pink peonies shipped in for my wedding in Mexico.
Gwen: Lily of the valley – Reminds me of my grandmother.
Ultimate pet peeve?
Lindsey: An unmade bed and wrinkled clothing.
Gwen: Treating a spill on clothing, while at the dinner table.TheLaundress_Blog_700x400_2

What are most looking forward to this summer?
Lindsey: Spending lots of time outside with my family upstate and at our family beach house.
Gwen: Spending time at my house in Bridgehampton.
What’s your favorite way to start the day? End it?
Lindsey: The day starts with a run on the Hudson River with my husband and ends with a running hug from my daughter as I walk through the door, and a smile from my 5 month old son.
Gwen: In the morning, it’s the warm sun, hot tea, and watching “In the Papers” on NY1. End the day? Crawling into crisp white sheets and snuggling with my man.
Favorite New York spot?
Lindsey: Hmm that’s a tough one. I love so many spots, but I will go with “every New Yorker’s backyard” Central Park.
Gwen: My West Village neighborhood and the farmers market.
Wardrobe go-to?
Lindsey: Cosabella camisoles and my white Lyn Devon blazer; because I have summer on my mind.
Gwen: Anything white, black or jeans in between.
Have a mantra?
Lindsey: Appreciate every moment and be 100% present.
Gwen: Keep it classic and simple.