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What a weekend of pure bliss. Weather was spot on, the holiday was spent with friends and family, and we all came into the office feeling oh-so refreshed and The past two days were filled with dining al fresco, sweet confections, lazy mornings, long walks and flowers galore. Spring and all of it’s glory is here, and we have definitely caught it’s fever. If this is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. You know it was a successful weekend, when even with weather as gorgeous as today’s, we’re okay to be heading back into the office. (Spoiler alert!….The Grey Lady will be hitting the streets again soon.) This weekend we…

Can you tell that spring has sprung? Suzy, Susannah and Rania all took snaps of some blossoms in all of their spectacular  blossoming glory.

Annick made an epic Easter brunch with her sister, complete with lemon ricotta pancakes and mozzarella filled biscuits. Across town, Margaret  whipped up an eggs benedict bar with a side of the NYC skyline. Invites ladies?

The cooking was far from over…Suzy had brussel sprouts with bacon (always a killer combo) and Eleanor made sesame crusted tuna-also amazing.

And Easter was definitely on our agendas this weekend! Nicole celebrated in true fashion with both a bunny Pez and a real bunny (and bunny’s sweet bunny toy). The Easter Bunny paid Annick a visit, leaving a swoonworthy basket at her door.

Susannah dressed quite appropriately for her day out at sea and caught a gorgeous sunset on her way back into town. Oh how we’ll never tire of that breathtaking skyline.

And just to rub it in, Eleanor sent us this lovely snapshot from her beach chair in Puerto Rico.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!
xx, Journelle