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Can we be the first to admit that we’re a bit wiped out from this week? Whether it was the weather (70 degrees on Sunday and then down to the 30’s whhaaatt?) or the fact that Tax Day happened, we just never quite got into the swing of the week. It’s totally cool though, because today is Friday, and that means weekend and that means awesome. And you know what? Come Monday we’ll be back and refreshed. This weekend, we’re planning some me time, as well as some friend time; looking for that balance as they say. Feel like you missed out on something this week? Take a peek at what we were catching up with:

Surprise (or not)! Not a lot of people live in the North of Maine or Alaska, but plenty of people live along the East Coast.

A behind the scenes of Mean Girls tell all by Damian. Our favorite part is that James Franco was almost cast as Aaron Samuels. Gruel.

Big news New Yorkers: Tavern on the Green opens next week and the food looks amazing.

Bey and Jay are one of our favorite couples and their daughter is adorable, but now they might tour together. The family that tours together, stays together.

Here’s a little laugh on this Friday. Check out these pictures of 7 male celebrities photoshopped with Leo DiCaprio’s man bun. Good, but ain’t no Jared Leto.

We could all use some clean eating inspiration and this piece on going paleo just kicked us back into springtime gear.

Best use of drone yet, NYC from the sky.

Have a fabulous weekend all!
xx, Journelle