Lingerie Zodiac: Taurus

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April 20-May 20

Taurus you’re a cultivator. Hard working and loyal with strong family values, you’re always one to show kindness to those around you. At work, you like things to move along smoothly and efficiently; often you’re called stubborn, but we think that is too strong of a word. You’re focused, driven, committed and not afraid to get things to get done. There ain’t nothing’ wrong with that.

Another one of your great personality traits? Your strong belief in reward. You work hard, but once the work is over, you’re all about the prize. You understand the value in the little (and big) things in life and are willing to put in the work to get it. Example? A hard week at work gets you a hot stone massage. Your closet is filled with gorgeous gowns and your vanity, with La Mer, but again, you’re sensible, so you probably snagged them on sale or saved your pennies for them.

There’s going to be a new moon solar eclipse on April 28/29, so if your birthday falls within a few days of this, you might feel a bit, errr, emotional. It shouldn’t be too bad though; just think hard about some of those priorities of yours, as those will come into focus. Really, the eclipse will be a good thing and will allow you some time to sit, think and reflect. Your practical nature will thank you.

Because you like the finer things and are willing to work hard for beauty, we think you deserve some of our more lovely, special pieces.

La Perla Maharani Convertible Demi Lace Bra + Brazilian Brief / Fleur’t Blushing Bride Chemise / ID Sarrieri Poudre et Diamants Moulded Padded Triangle Bra + Brazlilian Brief