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How sweet do those flowers look in that cocktail? So sweet, right? Since spring = festival season, we’ve begun seeing a heck of a lot of flower crowns by way of tutorials in our emails and photos in our Instagram feed. Even if we’re not making our way out west (or even west of 8th avenue) we’d like to rock one even though we’re not leaving the city. So now that sun + warmth is upon us and we’re starting to show off our legs and have shed the puffy coat, we’re in the honeymoon phase with spring. We’re filling our apartments with fresh flowers, wearing white pants and switching up our signature scents. Happy Hour is done en plein air, oysters are coming back in a big way, and we’re wearing light colors and sheer fabrics, which is why this week, we’re serving up this iced tea/whiskey fusion cocktail heaven thing. And wearing Salua’s Butterfly Romper. Spring, we welcome you with open arms, flower crowns and all.


Chamomile Honey and Whiskey Cocktail
6 chamomile tea bags
4 cups hot water
4 tablespoons honey
3 fluid ounces whiskey or bourbon
2 orange slices
3 lemon slices
Fresh chamomile flowers (optional)

1. Put chamomile tea bags in a heat-safe pitcher. Pour the hot water over the tea bags, making sure they’re completely submerged. Add the honey and stir until dissolved. Pour in the whiskey or bourbon and do a taste test. Feel free to add more, if you like. Add the orange slices and lemon slices. Allow the entire mixture to steep on the kitchen counter for 1 hour. Transfer to refrigerator until you’re ready to serve.
2. To serve, add a few ice cubes to each cocktail glass. Add the mixture (you’ll have to do this in a few batches), along with ice, to a cocktail shaker; shake vigorously. Strain, dividing the mixture between the glasses. Repeat and serve immediately. Garnish with fresh chamomile flowers, if you like.

Recipe found here.