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Oh Friday, we meet again. Is it just us, or does each passing week seem to bring increasing excitement? Stay with us here. We’ve been obsessed with the photos you all are submitting of how you you’re styling your t-shirt bras (don’t forget to tag us: @shopjournelle + #mykindoftshirtbra), we just changed up the Journelle shop windows to show off the shift of seasons and then #flashbackfriday to when we saw Dita Von Tess in the flesh. Whew, whata whirlwind. Since we’re still in that awkward moment when it’s not quite winter and it’s not quite spring, we’re looking for a few things to hold us over until we’re wearing a light jacket and enjoying some rosé en plein air. Some great videos and some sweet sweets, might just do the trick.

For one day and only 4 hours, you can visit the New York Pavilion World’s Fair site. No RSVP, no sign up, just show up and go. We’re showing up.

Friend-zoning at the office = colleague-zoning. It’s a super technical term.

Hey Journelle UES, there’s a Sprinkles Cupcake ATM nearby, so we’re pretty much going to visit like everyday.

Kevin Bacon recreating his Footloose Dance might be the best thing we’ve watched this week.

Bad news guys, Manhattan is about to get hit with another blizzard. Oh wait, just kidding! This is good news.

Need a pick me up? This vintage video of Ryan Gosling will do the trick! AKA it’s from 1993 and includes him singing + dancing.

Children posing with their most prized possessions. So precious.

Have a happy weekend everyone!
xx, Journelle

Photo from Gothamist.