Behind Closed Drawers: Brika

| Behind Closed Drawers

Being the girl in the know is pretty cool. Being friends with the girl in know? Sometimes even better. BRIKA was created by two girls in the know, wanting to share their passion for the artisan and authentically made with others. Their passion – and good taste – has become our fix for all things beautiful and homemade-esque. And once you indulge, be prepared for the stampede of all your friends wanting to know where you got this and that. One half of the duo behind the online shopping site is Jen Lee Koss. Equal brains + beauty, she’s a total innovator/go-getter/creative genius. We first met (and fell for) Jen + Brika when Journelle took part of their curated holiday pop-up shop, and now we’re forever hooked. Promise you will be too.


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