This Weekend We

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It felt like it had been so long since we felt the warmth of the sun, but this weekend was a game changer. We may have spoken (written?) too soon, since it’s a bit grey today, but this weekend was filled with sunshine and the beginnings of spring. We wouldn’t ordinarily be excited about wet, slushy sidewalks, but if it means that snow was melting, we’ll take it. Spring, you will be ours. And soon, please?  This weekend we…

Emily adventured around the Berkshires, climbing over streams and bridges, while Margaret went on a warm(ish) run through Central Park.

Susannah made a killer brunch that we’re all starving for, Annick went to the new Ladurée downtown (just around the corner from Journelle SoHo!) and Allison K. celebrated her parents’ 35th wedding anniversary- congrats to you two lovebirds!

Seems that family time was a theme of this weekend. Here’s Allison K.’s clan and their sweet nesting print and Emily and her fam, celebrating her mother’s birthday.

Susannah found a perfect little nest that had been blown from a tree top-luckily no little chicks in there! She also spent some time with a friend, whose baby reads the New York Times and whose dog is more fashionable than all of us. You know what they say about the company you keep.

Hope you all had a sunshine filled weekend!