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Think about the moment when you first come up from under the water. That second when the air first hits you, your eyes start to adjust to the light and you have to remind yourself of where you are. Peaceful right? Not that we’re exactly feeling like that, but this week has definitely felt a bit different. We’re coming down from the high of Valentine’s Day and starting to amp up for our spring projects (well, whatever we can manage besides booking it to the beach). And yeah, it snowed (and rained-ew) this week, but we also felt the sun on our face and on Thursday, we didn’t even wear socks. We don’t want to say winter is over (that didn’t count!), but we’re definitely feeling a shift. Here’s a glimpse into what caught our eye this week.

BuzzFeed’s Style Guide
? We feel like we just found the Holy Grail.

How have we not heard this Lorde song before?

Breaking Bad meets minimalistic graphics…for every.single.episode.

Elton John AND Lauryn Hill? Yeah, we’re heading to Tennessee for Bonnaroo.

Loving Jamie Beck’s backstage shots from Ralph Lauren’s show. Serene + glam at the same time.

Illustrations of macarons. All of our fave flavors + more. What is Schokoperlen and where can we get one?

We absolutely cannot tear our eyes away from this real-time page of Google trending searches.


Have a lovely + leisurely weekend.
xx, Journelle