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Always on a search for inspiration and loveliness, you can imagine why we can’t tear our eyes away from this photo. The elegant lines of the drawing! The gorgeous color of the cherry blossoms! It’s certainly not spring yet, but this image is getting us ready for walks in parks and lounging en plein air. We’re of course guilty of letting the weekdays get away from us and forgetting the whole work-life-balance thing, but we always try to reign it back in. So, while it’s not warm + sunny out, and we’re still bundled in our oh-so-puffy jackets, we’re gonna use this weekend to slow down and appreciate the little things.

We tweeted it out already, but theĀ cover of Queen Bey’s “xo” by HAIM is just too good to miss. On serious repeat.

Every inner dialogue we’ve ever had when looking at some shelter blogs. Admit it.

Food & Wine Magazine for a younger crowd? We’re still checking it out.

Working our way through this impressive – and delicious – list of champagnes courtesy of Canal House.

Loved the “Giver” as a child? Read this. “Harriet the Spy?” Read that. BuzzFeed, you know the way to our heart with this list of books we should read based on our childhood faves.

These backpacks from the folks at Liberty London and Herschel Supply. Perfect for adventures…or the greenmarket.

And since it’s Oscars weekend, drawings of all the dresses of the Best Actress winners since 1929.

Have an inspiring weekend lovelies!
xx, Journelle