Lingerie Zodiac: Pisces

| Lingerie

February 19- March 20


Pisces, you’re the dreamer of the zodiacs. You’ve got a bit of a spiritual streak and some people might even say that you see the world through rose-tinted glasses. You’re ruled by your feelings, but tend to go with the flow. A truly compassionate person, you’re always offering yourself up for the sake of others.

Mercury is in retrograde from February 6-28, so feel free to use that as an excuse this month. That silly planet tends to mess with communication (always double check those text messages and think through those thoughts), so now is a good time for you to hone your skills of introspection, take a peek inside and make sure you’re still being your easy-going self.

Now, let’s talk about the whole water/fish thing. You’re ruled by Jupiter (the King of Gods) and Neptune (Ruler of the Seas), who are pulling you in some strong, yet empathetic directions. This sort of yin and yang is symbolized in the two fish in your symbol. Because of your flexible and dream-like demeanor, we’re seeing you in fluid fabrics like breezy cottons and silk chiffon…and in the most whimsical of hues, natch.

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