This Weekend We…

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Merry Merry, Happy Happy, Joyous Joyous, Festive Festive! We Journelles have most certainly been feeling celebratory recently, and with this seemingly unprecedented Holiday season (seriously, has it ever felt this long and luxurious before?) we’ve had more than enough opportunity to revel in it, and we’ve been making the most of it. Spending time with those dear to us, honoring age old traditions (and making a few new ones), eating well, wassailing better, and taking each and every opportunity to spend all day in our pajamas, this is how we spent our Holidays. This weekend we…thisweekend_Travel

Many of us Journelles hit the open road and took to the friendly skies to visit our family and friends. Suzy took her sweet BF across the country to spend some QT with her family in Vancouver, Allison B. stocked up on appropriately-themed reading materials to make quick work of the flight back to North Carolina to see her family, and Nicole headed west and home into a gorgeous Pennsylvania sunset. thisweekend_Animals

We had a few new additions to our Journelle family, Nicole’s sweet Phoebe cat scored a sweet catbed as a present and napped all Christmas day, Allison K’s bf gave her a bunny. named Butters. yes. and Emily found a kitten under her tree!


Some of us had white Christmasses, Emily skiied for the first time this winter, Carrie had a blast in her winter wonderland in Maine, and MC played cross-country tourist.


We also celebrated fabulously: Annick unwrapped a pair of ruby slippers (there’s no place like home), Allison B. discovered this beautiful old portrait of her grandparents, married on Christmas Eve 1938, and Aubrey treated herself to some glorious off-season peonies (our fave).


It wouldn’t be the holidays without some serious noshes! Carrie made homemade egg nog, Brianna baked up a storm, and Aubrey kept warm with a perfectly executed hot chocolate with mini mallows.


Celebrating some wonderful old Christmas traditions, Brianna took her mama to see The Nutcracker. Love. Christina took her sweet little Olivia to Rockefeller Center to see the tree, and Allison B. played elf and helped give away hundreds of free bikes on Christmas morning to children courtesy of “Santa Earl” (that’s an awesome Southern Christmas tradition if we ever heard one).

And a few of us made new, awesome Christmas traditions: Annick spent the whole day in her new Journelle Hepburn PJ’s (and plans to do so every year), Brianna hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party, and Susannah’s household celebrated Christmas with now-to-be-annual Christmas latkes.thisweekend_XMasTrees

And we had some pretty impressive under-the-tree displays, Aubrey and Susannah kept their presents wrapped up tight, while Christina’s sweet Olivia kicked off her very first Christmas gleefully unwrapping presents from her grandparents. Is there anything so sweet?

All in all it was merry, bright, and oh-so-lovely, and as we get ready to ring in the New Year, we hope yours were too.