Staff Spotlight: Allison Beale

| Everything Else

Every office has someone like her. Someone with an infectiously kind attitude, who’s on everyone’s good side, has an envy-inducing wardrobe and is also really, really good at her j-o-b. Meet Allison B., our Marketing Director. She keeps hot sauce at her desk (like on her desk…next to her business cards + Chanel lipstick), is always plotting new ways for Journelle to take over the country globe, is known to pass around handwritten notes expressing her adoration for her fellow Journelles and  is always down for anything involving the words “team bonding.” A lover of silk, lace + Journelle long before she became part of the team, AB is the first to help a girl (or anyone for that matter) out, will send you daily links that are guaranteed to have you snorting from laughter, and is always the first to try on any new piece of lingerie that comes within 50 feet of her. staffspotlight_Allison (2)