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And with a deep breath and a sudden hush, our dear family and friends have all departed, with an aftermath of wrapping paper, ribbons, opened presents, empty wine bottles and pine needles strewn in their wake. We have a few precious days of hard-earned quiet between now and the next maelstrom, a little peace to ourselves before the sparkle and fizz that is New Years Eve descends on us, and we plan to spend it hunkered down with the new books we were just gifted (if we’re feeling literary) and with these links (when we need to stop feeling literary). Our obsessions and confessions from around the web this week…

Beautiful, crazy, massive-scale “snow art”.

This is the time of year we always consider making a drastic change. Some words for (and against) a pixie cut.

Kinda wishing we had gotten a set of these for Christmas: flower bomb seed-filled shotgun shells.

As bookworms who finally found a pair of cute glasses, we swoon: a girl who reads.

Hipster Snuggies.

We’re loving the Tutu Project (way more than Urban’s much-discussed aggressively ugly denim tutu).

Some of our Christmasses weren’t white, so we’re thinking we might get out and do a little land kayak sledding.

Every year we tell ourselves we’ll take down our holiday decorations, like, today, but we think we should make ourselves a hot chocolate and savor the festivities.

These nerdy letterpress cards have us thinking about Valentine’s Day.

And since we didn’t get a heart necklace that says “AND AFTER THE PARTY IT’S THE HOTEL LOBBY” for Christmas, we’re going to¬† take matters into our hands and get one for ourselves.

We hope you have a treat yo’self kind of weekend,