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The weather outside doesn’t even have to be particularly frightful for us to think that a fire would be oh-so-delightful, and that curling up next to it with a wintry beverage, a loaf of bread, and thou would be a pretty swell way to spend a weekend. As half of our team takes to the friendly skies to see far flung friends and family and the other half hunkers down in our favorite city, making sure that everyone’s list is checked twice (and crossed off in time!), we’ll be picturing ourselves in front of that fire cozied up with these, our obsessions from around the web this week.

Ever since the one-two punch of Clueless and Wet Hot American Summer, we didn’t think we could love Paul Rudd anymore… and then he did this. Our sides hurt from laughing.

Is this the best way to show our love for NYC? We do heart the big apple

Oh, three of your friends got engaged at once and then wanted to take a “crazy-fun-bling-pic!!!”. This might be the perfect response.

Are our apartments big enough for a giant bird’s nest bed? If so, this just might have gone to the top of our wishlist.

These detention slips make us want to go back and get kicked out of school.

Want to throw an impeccable holiday fete? Our dear friend, design genius behind our silver baby, The Grey Lady, and total sharp. dressed. man. Samuel Masters can show you how.

Though we lovelovelove our new Journelle offices, Bobbi Brown’s new SoHo space is preeeeeeetty nice.
Tears, jerked: Dad honors Mama’s memory with sweet father-daughter-photos.

Tears jerked, again: The bittersweet beauty of human triumph prevailing for just one second.

And because Bing + Bowie is a total Christmas gem.

Have a very merry weekend,


ps. and get that holiday shopping DONE!