Gift Guide: Clara Artschwager

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Let’s all be honest with ourselves here. We’re not always able to get everything done. If we’re in work-mode the day before Thanksgiving, the pie is going to come from Citrarella and similarly, if we’re planning our bestie’s upcoming birthday, we might let an email or two slide. Always on the road toward bettering ourselves, we absolutely look up to Clara Artschwager. Successful blogger and social marketing maven, the girl practically knows (and is loved by) everyone. But she’s more than an iPad and a Twitter handle, because she’s an amazing entertainer, gracious family member and is probably going to be our new best friend.tastemakerblog

Day job: I run Clara Persis, a boutique social marketing firm.
Favorite spots in your ‘hood? Rye for a cozy dinner with friends, Hotel Delmano for pre-dinner drinks + apps, and Café Colette for a boozy brunch.
What does NYC mean to you? NYC is very much home to me. Both of my parents spent a significant portion of their life here, and we lived in Brooklyn for the first few years of my life, so the city and its energy (albeit overwhelming at times), really feels like home.
What else is on your holiday wish list? Anything + everything cashmere, and a Fitbit (I’m a sucker for trends!)
What’s a holiday tradition you’d like to start? I can’t wait until I have a home big enough to host all my family + friends for the holidays. I love cooking and entertaining, so getting to do all of that myself in my own space would be wonderful!



Favorite holiday decor tips? Stick to a simple color palette, and always incorporate natural elements. I’m going metallic this year with hints of evergreen from plants and fresh herbs positioned throughout my home.
The key to effortless entertaining? Focus on dishes that can be made ahead, and ask for help. I love making a roast or hearty soup that can be cooked the day before. When asking guests for help, be specific when you tell them what to bring. I’ve come to learn people prefer that direction, so it’s best to give it!
Do you have a go-to holiday cocktail? Anything with ginger and gin. I’m working on a gin sparkler for the holidays that involves homemade pomegranate syrup.
Favorite thing to give others during the holidays? I love anything that’s personal, homemade, or locally crafted – a great bottle of local beer, some good chocolate, homemade granola, or a really beautiful candle.
Lipstick or mascara? I’m really into a berry lip this season, specifically Nars “Scarlett Empress.”



If you were a city, what city would you be? I’m not cool enough to “be” New York. Maybe San Francisco or Seattle?
What is the best holiday gift you’ve ever gotten? A cashmere Burberry scarf. Such a classic gift.
When you’re not working you’re…. Doing my best to relax with a good book, do a hard work out, or listening to a podcast while I cook. I also recently started taking baths again, which is kind of the best thing ever.
What are your most looking forward to for 2014? Having more perspective. With each passing year, the things in life that are most important and the ones that are not worth worrying about become clearer and clearer. I’m looking forward to having even more of that in 2014!