Designer Q&A: Chantal Thomass

| Lingerie

For the lingerie connoisseurs of America, it’s been a long, hard wait for the ultra-sumptuous lingerie from French cult-fave Chantal Thomass to come our way. We’ve been teased by the playful pieces popping up on our bookmarked international blogs and we’ve essentially dedicated entire days in Paris to visiting the boutique, but it wasn’t until recently that we were able to welcome Chantal Thomass to America. From the moment we saw the playful tuxedo-inspired Colombine and felt the elegant mesh folds of the Encens’ Moi , we were reminded that good, no-great, things come to those who wait. With a start in ready-to-wear and a collection of ladies of the past as her muses, we knew that Chantal Thomass herself would have a few words of wisdom to share with us. From her daily inspiration to the interior design project she’s already got under her (garter?) belt, Chantal Thomass is just as fun, cheeky and surprising as her gorg. lingerie line.



Name: Chantal Thomass

Provenance: Paris

How long have you personally been designing for? 45 years

When did you launch your brand? The first one [ready-to-wear] was launched in 1968.

How did the switch from ready-to-wear to lingerie happen? I was designing ready-to-wear & lingerie at the same time, but lingerie became more important as it was more spectacular on catwalks and I was the only designer interested in it at that time!

Describe your brand ethos: Make women feel, and be beautiful.


Let’s talk muses. Do you have any women who inspire the brand season after season? Sometimes, but they’re not always today’s women. My muses are Louise Brooks, Marie-Antoinette, Vargas’ pin ups… Who is the Chantal Thomass girl? She’s feminine, refined and cheeky.

We at Journelle find ourselves inspired daily by what we’re wearing underneath it all. What do you want women to feel like when they slip on Chantal Thomass? We want women to feel beautiful, self-confident and even like conquerors!

What corners of the world do you turn to when seeking inspiration? Everywhere. I can find inspiration in music, on the street, in movies or in museums.


How did the decision to bring Chantal Thomass to the U.S. come about? Because of the American dream!

Which piece or pieces are you personally most excited about for AW ‘13? My favorites this season are “Indomptable” and “Colombine”.

We all have running wish list of projects we just can’t seem to find the time for, are there any concepts or ideas you have yet to explore with the line that you would like to in the future? As I’ve already designed a hotel, I would like to design a restaurant, a lounge bar, a car, theatre sets…