This Weekend We…

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Oh, hello Wednesday. Haven’t you ever decided to give yourself an impromptu three (four!) day weekend? Yeah, us neither, but it sounds pretty fabulous, no? Alas, with all of the incredibly gorgeous underpinnings streaming in for fall (and even a few stunning lacies that remind us that the Holidays are right around the corner in a way that even the random pre-Halloween Christmas displays at our neighborhood bodegas can’t) and all of the champagne popping and non-stop shopping sparked by the launch of our sparkly-new, we had a hard time taking a break from the fabulous #lingerielife to even have a two-day weekend, much less a three-day one. But, we Journelles do so love our downtime and, so, tried to cram as much New York City love, intellectual stimulation, excellent noshes, and autumnal joy into our Saturdays and Sundays as we possibly could. And we did a pretty good job if we do say so ourselves. This weekend we…


Allison K. hit up Smorgasburg. Fave treat? A home-made s’more, complete with a hand-torched artisan ‘mallow. Susannah’s little garden decided to sprout some new (tiny!) carrots, and Eleanor took her Journelle Union Square team to The John Dory to celebrate a great week-in-lingerie with oysters and sancerre (obviously).


Susannah made it most of the way through the Sunday crossword (with some “help” from Nipsey the cat), and Carrie got her intellectual fix at the KAWS exhibition at the Pennsylvania Museum of Fine Arts.


For a little NYC love, Emily and her sweetheart hit the Lower East Side Pickle Festival and MC pounded the pavement of the Upper East on foot for a glorious riverside run.


No matter what anyone (even our best judgment says), Halloween is one of our favorite/week-long holidays. Carrie “celebrated” (ie: screamed more times than she has in her life) at the “Terror behind the Walls” at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly and Brianna went to her BFF’s annual costume party as an “awesome old cat-lady” (not pictured: tons of stuffed kittens).


And for a little autumnal glory, Allison K took a farm-harvest field trip to visit these piglets, Claire hosted a few grinning visitors on her porch upstate, and Allison K got lost (seriously) in a good ol’ fashioned corn maze.