The “Sexiest” Costumes Yet

| Lingerie


Anyone who’s known us for even a short while knows we love to get dressed up. Maybe it was the costume box full of our mother’s discarded bridesmaids dresses we used to play with when we were little girls (some even uglier than our own growing stash), or maybe it was when we learned that the British call it “fancy dress”, or maybe it’s just because we have a flair for the dramatic and love a chance to be a little outrageous, and/or that we really, really love candy. Whatever it is, unlike some naysayers, we are decidedly pro-grownup-Halloween. That being said, though, we were starting to think that the whole “Sexy” Halloween thing has gone too far (seriously, sexy pizza?). We are not alone. Illustrator Jillian Tamaki’s genius costume sketches are our kind of “sexy”, the kind in quotation marks, it’s self-aware, a little ridiculous, firmly tongue-in-cheek, not-so-serious, and totally brilliant. So while we¬†actually decide whether we might be going to go as Margot Tenenbaum (again) or as Marcel the Shell, for a little backlash to the backlash here are our very sexy picks for a happy Halloween.


In just the right shade of “civil-servant blue” we think this (truly beautiful) Araks softbra and bikini would perfectly complement your “Sexy Postal Worker” look. You’ll be ready to hand out forever stamps and make a lot of double entendres about “fragile packages” in no time. And because we’re Journelles, the stink lines emanating off our “Sexy Smelly Old Gym Sock” costume would definitely be wafts of our signature Journelle Lingerie Wash’s linden scent (and because we hand-wash our gym socks of course).


A “Sexy New York City Subway Rat” would look fierce scuttling down the F train platform wearing this gorgeous Bisou Bisou set from Mimi Holliday. Bonus: the silk tie-back on the thong can be used to tie on your tail. And if you were looking to complete your “Sexy Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg”, in addition to a companion going as “Sexy Toast Points”, we’d recommend these stunning lattice-work Kate thigh-highs from Wolford.

We hope you have a very happy Halloween, however you decide to celebrate it, and remember: today, tomorrow, and every day, “sexy” is what you make it.