Remembering Sandy

| Life


A year ago today we were packing up our Journelle office, moving the lovely, lacy delicates that had just arrived for fall from our basement warehouse on 17th street to higher ground, and hunkering down together as our city braced for the storm. In the days that followed, those of us with power welcomed those of us without, those of us with homes welcomed those of us without, and those of us with anything left to give gave it everything we had. Today we don’t remember the devastation of Sandy, but how, in the face of such loss, we all came together to put our city back together. To Battery Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park, to Red Hook and Rockaway, alone, together, by car, by bus, when the gas ran out, by bike, offering help- hands, hundreds of hands, and all one hand at a time. Remembering it today makes us proud of our city and proud to call it home. And, yet, there’s still much to do. Help out if you can.


Image of the hand-bridge out in Rockaway from here.