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Maybe it’s just because we’ve been obsessed with this soundtrack (and the movie’s not even out yet!) or maybe it’s because it’s getting chilly in New York and all we want to do is take to the streets tucked arm-in-arm with our sweethearts, but this week we’re feeling like the girl on the cover of The Freewheeling Bob DylanAll windblown hair and rosy cheeks with our weekend stretching ahead of us, nothing but wide open possibilities. And here are this week’s obsessions+confessions that’ll get us there.

As object-obsessives, we’re loving this beautiful blog about people’s ONE thing. What would you pick to define you?

It’s not Nars’ Schiap or MAC’s Tomango, but Revlon’s bringing back their five most iconic lipstick shades from the past five decades. We’re gunning for 5th Ave Red, helping you get a cab on the corner of 17th and 5th since 1958.


You probably know that we’re equal opportunity lovers of coffee, tea, whiskey, rosé, water, kombucha, and champagne. But you might not know that we’re obsessed with koozies (it must have been when we first got our mitts on one of these). Obviously, these awesome one-size-fits-all knit koozies from Freaker are right up our alley.

Everyone loves/appreciates beautiful handwriting. Let’s bring it back.

Guess our emotion detectors are way better at discerning emotions than hiding them. Can’t. stop. clicking.

No “sexy cat” here (but there is a surprisingly beautiful F. Scott Fitzgerald…in drag), 20 incredible shots of famous authors in costume.

A simple idea: recent newlyweds throw a dinner party right when they get back from their honeymoon as an excuse to see all their besties again (and break out the good china and use the fancy forks they just got from Aunt Mavis).

New desktop background, new mantra.

Oh, the simple things. Dog, meet leafpile. We dare you not to smile.

Have a joyful weekend,