This Weekend We…

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Oh Washington, with your cobblestone streets, gorgeous sunsets and fall skies. Your momentous monuments, breezy airm and kind residents provided The Grey Lady with a pretty grand welcome this past weekend. Georgetown was in fine form, and so were we. It was Carrie’s first trip to The Capital, Aubrey snagged her first taste of Chick-fil-A on the drive home (!), and it was the first time we showed some super-new AW13 pieces from designers like Lou and Beautiful Bottoms (sneak peek below!). Despite a distinct Indian Summer vibe to the air, The Grey Lady’s first official trip of the fall has us feeling all bright + shiny and ready for wherever the Journelle Road Trip will head to next. This weekend we…


How could you not play tourist in D.C.? Oh, hey there Obama family, nice digs…

The Grey Lady secured some prime real estate on Wisconsin Ave + M Street.


Some of the AW 13 goods to come from Beautiful Bottoms + Lou.