This Weekend We…

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At Journelle it’s no secret that we think that every day needs a little bit of grace. While we try valiantly to live our everyday lovely philosophy M-F, we can really let it shine over the weekend. We’re sure you feel us. This weekend we really did it up. From sleeping under the stars to super fresh Sunday morning farmer’s market gorgeousness, from curling up with summer’s perfect watermelon (and some September glossies, obvi) to catching some super music, we had really lovely weekends. But. Perhaps we should tweak the Journelle motto from “Everyday Lovely” to “Everyday Lovely + Puppies”. This Weekend We…thisweekend4

MC hung out with her brother’s ADORABLE new puppy/chick magnet, Judah, who fetches sticks larger than his body. Thank goodness the same wasn’t true of Mookie, the ginormous bernese mountain dog Carrie was dog-sitting.


Susannah went to an amazing outdoor beer festival while Aubrey hit up the Geographer (fresh getyouthroughmonday jam right here) show at Bowery Ballroom, and Sus slept out under the stars (in this Eberjey chemise, natch) to catch the morning surf in Montauk.thisweekend2

Suzy curled up for a perfect lazy Sunday of fresh melon and fresher September glossies, Susannah caught the Walker Evans exhibit at MoMa, and Karen made beautiful challah [back] french toast for breakfast at home.thisweekend3

Karen shopped the glory of the Union Square farmer’s market and Susannah finally caved and bought the sheepskin she’s been coveting for her bedside. She loves it almost as much as her cat does.


What did you get into this weekend, lovelies?