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As we Journelles are mentally packing our bags/impeccably appointed picnic baskets and thinking very hard about perhaps scattering to the four winds/trying to find someone with a boat A.S.A.P. our thoughts turn to Labor Day itself. Forgive us our AP History debts, but in addition to beautiful bbq’s and gorgeous staycations, Labor Day is meant to celebrate the American worker. In lieu of a lingerie union (though that might be incredible?) and in addition to celebrating our extra day off, this year we think we’ll also raise a glass to a reasonable work day, the luxury of days of rest we occasionally take for granted, and the right we Americans enjoy to google freely at our desks. Cheers to Labor Day and here’s what we were googling this week.

Our inner/secret craft maven and our outer fashionista are both in love with this blade necklace. Cutting edge, indeed.

One of the serious perks of starting your lingerie empire on East 17th street is the proximity to the Union Square Farmers Market + all the awesome restaurants whose chefs shop there (Eleven Madison Park? Gramercy Tavern? Union Square Cafe? Yes. Please.) It all makes us love this USQ greenmarket photobooth that snaps top chefs with their daily market haul even more.

He’s on a boat! No wait, he’s in Brooklyn! And he’s engaged to Joanna Newsom!?… could we love Andy Samberg any more?

Bookshelves+Selfies=Bookshelfies. Brilliant.

At one point in the not-too-recent past the idea of co-ed dorms was a seriously big deal. Just in time for back to school, Life magazine revisits their 1970 cover story, and we love the retro-fabulous candids of boys + girls living together for the first time.

Do you have at least 10 prints/photos/priceless works of art leaning unframed against a wall in an obscure corner of your apartment? Us too. We put in a bulk order here are are finally tackling that gallery wall.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to live more in the moment and put. down. the. phone.

Can you define ironic? They’re making Reality Bites into a sitcom. We’re guessing Lelaina would not like it.

We’re sort of obsessed with 10q. You answer the same ten sort-of-soul-searching questions once a year (eg: Describe one thing you’d like to achieve by this time next year?) and your answers are saved and put away until they’re emailed to you a year later. Funny, revealing, meaningful, and occasionally kinda embarrassing, it’s everything we love about a diary without the danger of your littler brother finding it.

We have Lorde’s Royals” (and the rest of our So Long Summer playlist) on repeat. You can call us queen bee.

Have a marvelous and, most importantly, looong weekend,