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Oh what a gorgeous roller coaster we’re on! One minute it’s glorious indian summer and we’re all ready to break out the cashmere robes and champagne cocktails and start listening to moody autumnal jams (read: Skinny Love on repeat because that’s how we roll when we start to think about winter), then BAM the next minute we are tugged by our heartstrings right back into a sweaty-boisterous summer party that feels like PS1 got naked. We’re not saying we don’t like it, but we’re feeling a little confused. To help us take our minds off of August’s schizophrenia, here are a few things we’ve been loving from the air-conditioned quiet of the internet.

This weekend, we will make croissants. For the first time. Gulp. Luckily we have this awe.some step-by-step GIF GUIDE to all the meticulous, buttery layered steps.

Our inner retronaut would skip off to Rome and stay in this funky mid-century hotel in a heartbeat.

Usually it takes us at least a full five minutes to embarrass ourselves, but thank you, internet, now we’re zero to awkward in 10 seconds, thankfully we are not alone.

It’s official. No one can ever say anything bad about our love of flea markets and thrift stores ever again, you never know when you might snag a $300,000 Alexander Calder necklace for $15.

We’re not sure what we love more: the new soundtrack collab from Explosions in the Sky + David Wingo, the movie the soundtrack is for, Prince Avalanche, the time lapse mural painted for the video, or the fact that the mural is painted on the outside wall of one of our all-time-favorite Brooklyn dives, The Turkey’s Nest.

Bling, blang, boom. Covet central over here. Bonus/not helping, the designer, Gia Bahm, has a serious road trip jones, just like us.

If there ever was a week to let our love of Dolly Parton shine, it seems it was this one. First came the (amaaaazing) slowed-down version of Jolene and then the “Drunk History” of Dolly + Porter Wagoner. Makes us think perhaps we should take The Grey Lady to Dollywood?

So, we’re pretty excited about super-oscary Parkland, but we’re reallllly having a hard time picturing Zac Efron as the doctor responsible for JFK. What do you think?

Our Journelle Road Trip Chicago Playlist is pretty fabulous ifwedosaysoourselves, give it a listen.

And just in case you feel like you’ve been spinning in circles all week, hopefully this will take you to the weekend with a smile.

Have a lovely weekend,