Journelle Road Trip Playlist: Sag Harbor

| Love

roadtrip1roadtrip2Oh summer road trips—how we love thee! Last weekend we kicked off our long-awaited Journelle Road Trip by heading out to Sag Harbor, riding in style with the lovely Grey Lady in tow. When we weren’t searching out clambakes, snacking on plantain chips (bet you didn’t see that one coming… spicy!), snapping pics, or hanging out amongst all the lovely delicates, we were engaging in some pretty serious sing-a-longs. There were plenty of Billboard hits (Mirrors by JT is practically our Journelle office theme song), but there were also some classic summer tunes, as well as some of our personal fave road trip anthems (Bonnie Raitt, here’s lookin’ at you). Our chariot may be an ’02 Chevy Tahoe with a sweet tape deck, but man, can that baby bump some bass. On that note, turn up the volume and pump up the jams, here is our Journelle Road Trip: Sag Harbor playlist to take you into the weekend. We’ve had it on repeat all week, and we suggest you do the same.