Designer Q&A: Cheek Frills

| Lingerie

We’ll take our thrills any way we can get ’em. Our frills, however, we like on the cheeky side, which is exactly why we’re head-over-heels for the neon eye candy known as Cheek Frills. These fanciful bottoms finally made their way ‘across the pond’ and into Journelle’s panty library, and we. couldn’t. be. more. thrilled. Let us regale you with our love for these lovelies…1) They pack a comfy-chic neon punch meaning you actually look more tan than you are (helpful), 2) Did we mention the crazy comfort level? (You can live in these babies.) And 3) should you forget which day of the week it is, simply look down. (Again, helpful.) Now the brains – and the beauty – behind our new fave knickers: Meet Lily Fortescue, designer of Cheek Frills.


Name: Lily Fortescue

Provenance: London

How did your brand come about? Through a concept of Days of the Week set of 7 briefs which had no real face or direction just an ability to out sell ALL our other underwear brands in our chain of boutiques Austique.

Describe your brand ethos. We design underwear that women WANT to wear – comfy, chic and incredibly fun. Tassels, bows  and chiffon all have their place but Cheek Frills is for that girl that wants to experiment with her underwear without it being unpractical.


Let’s talk muses. Do you have any women who inspire you? I’m inspired by a different female daily…My mother for being so motivated and strong, the girls I work with for making work seem like play and so many others.

We at Journelle find ourselves inspired daily by what we’re wearing underneath it all. What do you want women to feel like when they slip on Cheek Frills? I used to be insanely loyal to one brand of underwear and, biased as this sounds, since I launched Cheek Frills I have never looked back – never put them on again. I feel like I’m not wearing anything at all – they’re that comfortable.

What are some of the most frustrating and most rewarding aspects of the design process? I think the team and I find the misunderstanding of colors and design between us and the factory tricky at times but we are fortunate to have such fantastic people work for us.


What are you reading? I would love to say War and Peace, but I’m addicted to the Hunger Games.

What’s on your bedside table? A fancy-dress crown, Lucas Paw Paw Ointment and Kielh’s hand cream.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
 That I’m a twin.