Obsessions + Confessions

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If you haven’t noticed, we’re big on sharing. We believe sharing means caring (unless you’re talking about french fries. Ok. You can have a few. A FEW.). We share big things, little things, loves, lusts, and those special things that make our hearts beat fast. In fact, our fabulous all-lady team of dedicated lingeristas spends our days dishing our most recent obsessions, which undoubtedly ends with a few confessions (hey, we all have our guilty pleasures). We just can’t keep it to ourselves any more.  So, every Friday we’re going to round up Journelle’s obsessions+confessions and share them with you. And you can have half of our  fries.



My daily read–and then, yes, reread–has been this kickass essay by Andy Dunn. If I have your email; you have this in your inbox.- Allison B.

I can’t stop staring at this “flower bomb” and am going to try and execute asap. Just need to find a (deserving) friend with a car.-Susannah

Hit the Waves by The Mary Onettes. This is my new go to album for some some chill indie dream pop. –Aubrey

Can’t get enough Fruitti Yummi. Why yes, I will have my cake [batter] and eat it too. Thanksverymuch- Marielle

Cashmere, duh. This time, in the form of the “Darling” sweater from Hugo Guiness + J.Crew. Hello, precious! – Margaret

This hot track is keeping my ears happy, Oh, and this and this too. Shout out to my rad bro-in-law for this obsession. –Allison B.


Cabin Porn is my real porn- Aubrey

Lovely lingerie is great and all, but sometimes you just need a great sports bra. Shock Absorber makes my favorite one. –Suzy

Three words: grilled. pimento. cheese.  Confession: I’ve eaten two today already. If you don’t get around to making one for yourself, just go get one from Bobwhite. – Susannah

I haven’t seen a movie in theaters in THREE YEARS. I’m planning on finally breaking the seal and going to see The Great Gatsby.- Margaret

I’ve designed no less than four pairs of these flats. Let’s hope one lands in my shoe closet this fall. – Allison B.

If I leave the table during our long lunch, it’s because I love the scent of my new Kai Body Butter so much that I keep it hidden in my purse for mid-day applications. – Claire