Obsessions + Confessions

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It’s hard to pick just one label for us Journelle girls: fashionistas, greenthumbs, art mavens, bookworms, couch potatoes, um, cat ladies… let’s just say we’re every woman. Every lingerie-loving,¬†champagne-to-stay-cool, dressing-gown-in-front-of-a-fan wearing woman, that is. Here, from cacti to copper pennies, from honeyed biscuits to objectivist novels, our Obsessions + Confessions for this sweltering summer week.



I’m a bit of an art snob, so I’m being really particular about what art goes into my new pad. Really into this dreamy illustration by Leigh Viner.- Margaret

I’m obsessed with the single Jennifer Meyer “sweet” earring my mom gave me. What could be sweeter than that? –Suzy

As happy as I am that summer is finally here, I can’t help but swoon over J.Crew’s stunning pre-fall collection. Jacquards, embellishments, prints! Need.it.now. –Annick

When I travel, I need a long (emphasis on LONG) book to keep me occupied. Nothing’s worse than finishing your book halfway through your flight. I recently picked up the classic Ayn Rand novel “The Fountainhead.” It’s everything and I’m obsessed. – Jaimie

I love visiting the flower market on 28th street, I can’t help but buy a new colorful little cactus every time! My apartment is slowly turning into a little desert garden. –Nicole

Though I love a manicure, I have a hard time keeping my nails long. Too much doing to be done. Seeing this gorgeous copper penny color on them every day makes me motivated to keep them pretty. –Marielle

I don’t know how to ride a bike ( I know, I know…it’s a long story that involves a few cacti). I just found out that NYC offers classes for adults, but I’m way nervous + embarrassed. Hopefully it’ll happen for me by the end of summer! –Margaret

When my (not-so) secret cat lady self collides with my (not-so) secret design obsessed self… I end up buying this (totally awesome) Cosmic Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee from Brooklyn’s Love Thy Beast. –Susannah

Since I moved to Williamsburg, Pies n Thighs has been my favorite guilty pleasure! The best fried chicken I’ve ever had, plus mac’n’cheese, biscuits and honey, and PIE. –Aubrey

Though I love the cantina-style tacos from Tacombi (made in an open-top old-school VW van in an airy Nolita space perfect for summer evenings), the thing that keeps me coming back for more is the hammock they have hanging in there for post-taco lounging. –Annick
As much as I love New York, this city is so toxic for my skin. Every few weeks, I need a good mask to freshen up my face and this one from Boscia is my go-to. –Jaimie

I had fallen so far behind in Mad Men this season I spent the entirety of last Sunday catching up. Nothing is better than a Jon Hamm binge. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next (+ last) season. –Nicole