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We Journelles all have one thing in common: our overarching love of lingerie. But outside of our mutual addiction to lacy delicates, our all-lady team is a pretty diverse group. Evidence? We’re as obsessed with sweet 70’s style as we are with skillets (yes, you heard us, we LOVE our cast iron) and we confess to spending the same amount of time searching for the perfect shade of coral lipstick as we do getting a McConaughey fix by poring over Dazed+Confused gifs (L-I-V-I-N). Here, a peek into some more of our varied obsessions+confessions on this glorious mid-summer.

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I impulse bought a skillet this week. The hardest part was picking which one (gotta love them all). Guess I’ll have to get my apron back on and get that thing seasoned. – Margaret

After lusting hard after the Penguin Classics, they went ahead and outdid themselves with The Penguin Great Food series. The covers are so beautifully done, and I think I’ll like the ending of  “From Absinthe to Zest” way more than “Anna Karenina”. I need to get these on my shelf. – Suzy

I am obsessed with my new Soludos (so obsessed I bought two pairs, actually, these and these). Cotton, rope soled, espadrille flats in about a million awesome colors? The perfect summer shoe – Susannah

I’ve been searching for a perfect summer lipstick for a while and I finally found it: my new MAC lipstick in Good to Go – I love the bold matte coral orange and it goes great with all the trending green piling up in my closet. – Aubrey

I’ve always wanted to walk in the Coney Island Mermaid (It’s this weekend!)…but maybe I’m even more obsessed with the kickstarter campaign to make sure it came back in all of its glitter-tailed glory after Hurricane Sandy. – Susannah

Three things I love: food, flowers, photography. So, obviously I love these icecream floral photos (Kinfolk, you kill me). They’re so beautiful – the color palette reminds me of summer. – Suzy


I miss my fave Cuban place so badly (I recently moved to a new hood) that I went 20 minutes out of the way to get it to-go before heading home. If you haven’t met Café Habana, it’s about time you all did. – Margaret

I’ve gotten really into watching Workaholics. It’s really juvenile bro humor, but the characters are so weird I love them! Hilarious. – Aubrey

I love going to the movies by myself, mostly so I don’t have to share the popcorn. This week I went and saw Mud, and I cried, alone. Those boys! So sweet! And maybe that leads to another confession: my love for Matthew McConaughey. He had me at Dazed and Confused. – Susannah

Not that I needed an excuse but I’m brushing up on my family resort circa 1960’s via Dirty Dancing in preparation for my visit to the Pridwin. Nobody puts Allison in the corner. – Allison

I spend hours looking at Sighs and Whispers, an awesome blog of vintage magazine tears, mostly 70s… such a great era. The name is taken from Guy Bourdin’s elusive Bloomingdale’s lingerie catalog, 1976, all the more reason to love.  Aubrey

I’m not really the sneaker type, but I’ll buy anything with a traditional Liberty print. I keep going back and forth between ordering a pair of sneaks from the Nike x Liberty collab, but I have a feeling that my Anglophile side will win.- Margaret