Take A Walk On The Wild Side

| Lingerie

We often think that behaving in a ladylike fashion is a little overrated. Is it considered ladylike to dance on tables? To go skinny dipping? To eat french fries for breakfast? We thought not. And, thus sometimes believe you just have to show your wild side… But we do so love indulging in ladylike trappings- pale pink silks and lovely little bows, delicate laces and fresh flowers, and of course handwritten notes on pretty paper.

Sigh. How to reconcile our inner lady with our inner wildcat? It’s about attitude…and the perfect hint of oh-so-subtle animal print.

Fleur of England Wild at Heart
A pop of zebra makes it borderline impossible not to tie these cherry stems in knots in our mouths.
1The Lake & Stars Classics
Refined leopard piping on a classic shape is like writing a steamy letter and sending it by post.
2Mimi Holliday Sugar Squeeze
Pale cheetah spends the day in the New York Public Library’s amazing reading room, with Jane Austen acting as a cover for “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”. 3Chantelle Palais Royal
Subtle leopard is what we’d wear to an elegant ladies luncheon, where we just might start a tell-all game of “never have I ever”. 4Passionata Casual Sexy
Graphic snake-in-the-grass is the best camouflage for an impromptu wrap dress-unwrap.