Oceanic Obsessions

| Lingerie

We know that we’re not the only ones who slip into our Sperry’s + French sailor T’s the second it’s the start of summer, but we’re reeaaallly going overboard for all things nautical right now. Maybe we’re just really excited that the Beekman Beer Garden has re-opened or maybe it’s that some of the gals in the office are off to various beaches, but either way, we’re all about the ropes + knots. Care for a peek at some of our oceanic obsessions? Why, we thought you’d never ask.

nauticalEberjey Gisele Pj’s short set, Stay sailor chic while lounging.
Pleated shorts + nautical stripes + J.Crew. Need we say more?
Araks Risa Bralet + Adriana Panty. We’d prefer a breezy-sea foam color on our lingerie rather than
getting knocked over by a sea foamy breeze. Agreed?
We’ll always love our original Sperry’s, but we’re a sucker for a collaboration and
these Sperry + Milly ones are a pretty exciting upgrade.