Our Love for Lemon

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You know that us Journelles have the worst (but really, it’s the best) sweet tooth ever, but sometimes we’re up for a bit of a  sour kick. Luckily, there’s a little thing called lemon. Sweet + sour, with a cheery color to boot, you could say we’re fans of the citrus fruit. If you’re still feeling a bit low key from your Friday night GNI, we totally understand. If you just like lemon + sweets, we reeallyy understand. We’ve decided to forgo the usual Sunday flea market plans and do some good for our heart + soul. Yep, we’re baking. We couldn’t decide what we wanted to bake, so we thought, “why not?” and we’re baking both. Two is better than one, right?

Lemon Bars courtesy of Smitten Kitchen
Chewy Lemon Cookies courtesy of How Sweet It Is 1We’ve gone a bit lemon crazy here.
1) Before
2) During
In case they make it to the plate4

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