Girls Night In Gone Luxe

| Lingerie, Love

1There’s no denying that a good Girls Night Out hits the spot, but sometimes what we really need is a Girls Night In. Especially after a long week of work (yeaahh, even we get tired), there’s nothing quite as right as a night of your best jammies, girly gossip, dance parties + rom-coms with your ladies. We’re Journelle though, so we’re not going to be wearing any ol’ nighties and we’re not just going to eat simple popcorn + ice cream. No, this is going to be the most glamorous slumber party ever. Ladies, get ready for your Friday night GNI-Journelle style.

To wear
Olivia von Halle sets, of course.
 The Coco Cream set, The Tansy setThe Lila Sussy set
6To Watch
Pretty Woman
Clueless7To Eat
Make this red + yellow pepper pizza from Smitten Kitchen. It’s easy + is going to taste WAY better than take out- we promise. And also, how many delivery pizzas are that pretty? That’s what we thought.
Since you were so good and cooked dinner yourself, why not take it easy and go pint-to-mouth with the ice cream from from the dairy owned by the top men behind Manolo Blahnik? You read that right. The tubs of creamy goodness used to only be available from the dairy itself, but now you can find them (and us) at Dean & Deluca.
To Drink
We’re liking the girly-ness of a Cosmo, but when do we ever not involve bubbly? On that note, we give you a Champagne Cosmopolitan.
Activities (because who doesn’t like activities?)
Paint your nails with these colors that will look ahh-mazing with your luxe Olivia von Halle PJ’s. And because we know there’s going to be a night out in your near future, here’s a DIY lip scrub to get you ready for some smooching. Pucker up!9