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 Spring officially arrived in Manhattan this weekend. Nevermind it’s fifty degrees and raining today, over the weekend, like flowers in bloom, the city was awake and ready to take on the season (and the gorgeous weather) with a renewed fervor. As lovers of romance, rock and anything laugh-worthy, we took to the Tribeca Film Festival like our marketing director takes to black lace. And though we bid adieu until next year, these were our fest faves. Many of which, will hopefully, be making their way toward a theatre near you…and soon.

Farah Goes Bang
Ahhh, summer road trips, sexual deviation and best friends. Yep, smells like teen spirit!
This film is also available FREE to stream online.


Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
Coming of age films are always dependable. And with a thirteen year old girl, a senile grandpa, and a pug, we knew this was going to be good.


Gay Best Friend is a no-brainer. Could this be a revamped Mean Girls?


Alias Ruby Blade: A Story of Love and Revolution
Journelles are all about female empowerment and what better way to indulge? This 80 minute film is available FREE online. You’re welcome.


A Case of You
Male writer + ‘embellished’ dating profile + his dream girl = an absolute given.