Boudoir, baubles + bubbly

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Spring is all about the B’s – the birds, the bees and that slight spring breeze. But here at Journelle, the season offers up a few other ‘B’ words to get excited about. Last Thursday, we teamed up with Kris Schoels of Young Married Chic for Sweet + Shower, an evening filled with baubles, bears (of the gummy kind), bonbons, bubbly, Baked by Melissa, and of course brides!

Upon entering Journelle’s Union Square shop, guests were immediately greeted with copious amounts of bubbly along with chocolate sweets and champagne flavored gummy bears from Sugarfina. (Yes, you heard right: champagne flavored.) As they moved to the colorful BaubleBar, guests were offered bite-sized cupcakes from seriously the most beautiful boys in black ties. (See, I told you we had the B’s covered! ) If that wasn’t enough, Kris Schoels and our CEO Claire Chambers circled the room, offering brides-to-be valuable advice on wedding day lingerie.

We’re glad you enjoyed the soiree and were showered in all things bright and beautiful. Couldn’t make it? Don’t fret! We Journellistas love to throw a fabulous fête.

What’s next, you ask? We’re thinking… candy, cuffs, and corsets? Oh my!


As a team that firmly believes in ‘the more, the merrier’, here is Kris and a selection of sweets from the darling Sugarfina.


A few very handsome gentlemen served all-you-can-consume Baked by Melissa and champagne.


The Bauble Bar was absolutely packed with bold-hued jewelry. Paired with Journelle’s bright lingerie for spring, it was a match made in heaven!